City Council

The city council is meeting twice a month, on the second Monday, and fourth Tuesday of the month at the Purchase Area Development District, 1002 Medical Drive, Mayfield KY at 5pm.

Barry McDonald
email barry
(270) 705-6414

Chuck Whitnell
email chuck
(270) 705-8363

Lauren Carr
(270) 227-5593

Jana Adams
email jana
(270) 970-0197

Johnny Jackson
email johnny
(270) 970-3073

Justin Carrico
(270) 705-4199

Derrick Parrott
email derrick
(270) 727-4070

Brad Rodgers
email brad
(270) 727-0259

John Poole
email carol
(270) 705-9128

Nate Cox
email nick
(270) 804-3233

Mayfield City Council Minutes in PDF format
Click below to view minutes:
**Special Meetings