Office of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement

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John Poole,
Director of Planning/Community Development
(270) 251-6204 • Fax: (270) 251-6242
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The Planning & Zoning Office exists to support the land use planning and development process and to enhance the quality of life in the City of Mayfield.

Professional staff work with the Planning Commission, Tree & Parks Board, Code Enforcement Board and Board of Zoning Adjustment to seek ways to improve the community.

Gaila Gay,
Administrative Assistant
(270) 251-6200 • Fax: (270) 251-6242
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William Higginson,
ABC Officer/Fire Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer
(270) 251-6201 • Fax: (270) 251-6242
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Nathan Lamb,
Code Enforcement Officer/Building Official
(270) 251-6202 • Fax: (270) 251-6242
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Larry Grooms,
Code Enforcement Officer
(270) 251-6203 • Fax: (270) 251-6242
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Robert Steiert,
Building Custodian