Dear Citizens,
Please know that the City is exhausting every avenue to ensure all of the storm-related debris is removed from the City and its property. One of our main priorities is the cleaning and stabilization of our City Creeks and drainage systems. As you are all aware, these creeks must remain clear and maintained to ensure the City does not experience flooding during average amounts of rainfall. We have noticed that non-traditional storm debris (trash) is being disposed of in the creeks. The City is and will only be eligible for the removal of storm-generated debris. The existence of "trash" in these creeks can jeopardize the City's ability to secure funding for debris removal and bank stabilization. We must refrain from disposing of garbage and debris generated from demolishing structures located on private property into the creeks. If your property is adjacent to a creek or drainage ditch and you need assistance removing debris from your property or the creek embankments, please reach out to the City.

Citizens should check out the website ► for information related to Private Property Debris Removal or call the debris hotline at 270-356-8171 to speak to someone regarding your needs or concerns. The hotline is operated Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm CST. Should you call outside of those times, please leave a voicemail, and you will be contacted the next working day. We are all in this together, and we mustn't unintentionally jeopardize our recovery efforts by combining our storm-generated debris with our non-storm-generated debris.

It has been brought to the City's attention that many homeowners are demolishing their homes and pushing their demolition related debris to the right of way for pick up. At this time, debris from residential or commercial demolition is not covered under the current program and could potentially jeopardize the City's ability to recover those costs. Currently, the only debris that is eligible for Right of Way pick up, is the debris directly generated by the December 10, 2021, tornado and severe storms. Should a homeowner want or need to demolish structures located on their property, they are responsible for ensuring the resulting debris is hauled to the landfill or other permitted and approved sites. The City has been approved to participate in the Private Property Debris Removal (PPDR) program. Homeowners who need assistance with debris removal or demolition may apply to the City of Mayfield to have their property included in the city's program.
►ABCs of Tornado Debris Removal and Demolition

March 9, 2022

According to FEMA policy, private property debris removal and commercial property debris removal (PPDR/CPDR) is the property owner's responsibility.

However, in limited circumstances, based on severity and impact of an incident, and whether debris on private property or commercial property is so widespread that it threatens public health and safety or the economic recovery of the community, FEMA may determine that debris removal from private property is eligible under the PA program (FEMA PPAG 4). The Sub-Recipient (the City of Mayfield) must request this exception through a formal process.

It is the City's burden to prove public health and safety and economic impact severity to be approved for the action of PPDR/CPDR with the use of Public Funds.

If the City is approved for PPDR/CPDR, it must collect right of entry (ROE) permission forms, applications, and documentation from the citizens wishing to participate in the program.

The Citizen must show an undue burden or lack of means to remove or demolish the property. In addition, the City is responsible for inspecting and accessing the type and extent of the debris removal needed for each property.

Citizens must apply and sign a ROE form giving the City and, thus, the debris removal contractor the right to enter the property to perform the necessary work. Once the applications are compiled, and assessments are made, the applications for individual property owners are submitted to FEMA for approval or denial. These evaluations are made on a case-by-case basis by FEMA. The City, nor any organization affiliated with the City, does not influence the eligibility of individual properties requesting PPDR or CPDR.

Applications for PPDR or CPDR can be downloaded using the links below, along with a checklist of documentation required to complete the application.

PPDR Demo Form and Checklist

PPDR-CPDR Form and Checklist

Lot Owners/ Potential applicants for PPDR (residential/ non-rental) can stop by The Graves County Library on Wednesday, March 16th from 2 pm-4 pm to drop off completed applications, ask questions, or get assistance with completing the application.

Lot Owners/ Potential applicants for CPDR (commercial lot owners, including the owners of rental, residential property) can stop by The Graves County Mayfield Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, March 17, from 2 pm-4 pm to drop off completed applications, ask questions, or get assistance with completing the application.

The City has submitted the formal request and has been approved to submit individual applications for PPDR or CPDR. It is essential to understand that while the City wishes to assist its citizens in the application process and the dissemination of all critical information, we must reiterate that the City of Mayfield in no way influences or makes eligibility determinations on these applications.

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